December 13, 2008


Charlene and I drove the the clock man's home and picked up our grandmother clock a few days ago. Jim Duncan had disassembled the clockworks, cleaned, oiled, and reassembled. It works flawlessly. I had to more-or-less do the same for my computer (minus the oiling), since it had caught a malicious adware virus, hence the lateness of this post.

While we were there we bought a c. 1860 wall clock which Jim is going to hold for us until after the holidays. I told Jim how thankful we were in doing the work for us since he usually doesn't usually repair clock for other people. It's very hard to find a person around Louisville who will repair a mechanical clock. Jim buys, restores, and sometimes, sells clocks. Here are a few photos.

This is my favorite clock in Jim's collection. It's a one handed clock which was made in England c.1730 and in full working order. It can be yours for about eight grand. You can click on the picture for a larger view.

This is the clock we'll hang on our dining room wall after the holidays.

And last, our grandmother clock back home again and chiming every quarter hour, keeping perfect time.


  1. Ask and we shall receive! Thanks for posting the pics of the clock that we all clamored for a few posts back.

    They talk ones are certainly an amazing pieces. Beautiful. especially the one you have. No having the passage of time get away from you with a chime reminding you every 15 or 30 minutes.

  2. I like your clock and the 1700s one best. How wonderful to have it working again! A piece of history in your home. This man is very talented.