December 15, 2008

Teensy Christmas Story

Charlene has this oversized handmade cane which is painted with red and white stripes to look like a candy cane. Our three year old grandson, Tristan, loves this thing and every time he’s at our house, he’ll pick it up and inspects it very carefully and sometimes carries it around the house. He’s obsessed with the thing, ignoring all other Christmas bric-a-brac.

At Tristan's home last Saturday a lamp fell over and landed on Tristan’s foot. He cried so hard he quit breathing. After he got control of himself he told his mother that “We’ll have to go to Mimi and Papa’s and get the candy cane to help me walk.”


  1. That's so cute! He does adore that cane.

  2. Gotta love kids and the way they view the world :)

    BB you have been tagged. It is a crazy time of the year so if you don't have time to do it, there is no pressure. If you read my latest blog entry you will see what it is about. But basically it is listing 5 things you do each day to maintain your mental health...what keeps BB McCain sane on any given day????
    Hope you are happy.

  3. I vote for a picture of Tristan and his candy cane!