December 8, 2008

My Half Elf Wife

A couple of weeks ago Charlene told me a funny little story. In the morning she was curling her hair with her curling iron and burned her ear. The burn was so bad it started bleeding so she put a band aid on her ear, wrapping it around the top outside edge. This didn't surprise me as she has burned her ear many times with her curling iron. One day I expect to come home to a little pile of ashes in front of her vanity mirror.

She tells herself she must remember to remove the band aid before she goes to run some errands because her ear looked like some kind of bad make up job for a B horror film.

Of course she forgets and goes to the grocery, the vegetable market, and a few other places. When she gets home she's horrified when she catches sight of her little elf ear in the mirror. I laughed so hard it hurt.


  1. And I suspect she's sooo thankful you've shared this story with us! If I was you I would want to know where that curling iron is at all times now.


  2. I laughed too!! I started laughing at the "...little pile of ashes in front of her vanity mirror".
    Tell her we all do things like that, and really all she was doing was spreading some Christmas cheer!

  3. I use this big fat curling iron and am forever burning my right cheekbone. Not as cute as the Spock ear, though!

    Does she know you posted this lovely story??

  4. :) funny. Not sure she will forgive you for this post though. ;)

  5. Charlene was alright with this post. She's a good sport. Everyone should be able to laugh at themselves.

  6. That's funny Bill---

    I laughed at teh same thing that Sweet mango did. Great story.

  7. Oh Aunt Charlene - I laugh at the thought of this sight!