April 27, 2009

My First Kentucky Derby

I don’t actually remember much about my first Derby experience. What I do remember is that it was the 100th running of the Derby. The year was 1975. It was a record setting crowd at Churchill Downs which still stands today. Oh…and I remember we were in the infield. Today wild thoroughbreds couldn’t drag me to the infield on Derby day.


  1. I understand the interest in betting but I've never quite understood the interest in horse racing. (Something I would never say aloud in Kentucky!)

    When I was a young kid and people talked about the Kentucky Derby ... I thought it was a funny thing, having horse wearing derby hats.

  2. I was at the 100th running too! I thought I recognized you!! (hahah) I was at the 99th running...I think that was when Secreteriat ran (and won) in '73. that was my first one. Was it the '74 Derby when people were streaking? I recall a streaker climbing the flag pole...that wasn't you was it? I recall the police escorting him out and the crowd throwing beer cans at them. Yikes. Then I remember (I muxt not have been drinking too heavily I suppose) rushing the first turn and the crushing crowd knocked the fence down and we ran to the rail (can you believe it!!! I seem to think that you can see it on the old "newsreels") The hoeses were so close you could touch them. The dirt was flying from the pack of thundering horses! Wow! Because of our unruly crowd, there are now obstacles on the flag pole so you can not climb (like those things they put on bird feeders for the squirrels) and the infield is so tightley fenced and the crowd kept far far away from any horses. Come to think of it, it was the only year I ever saw a horse at the Derby!! (the infield not having tv screens and the such back in the day...)

  3. And just think, you'd have to battle all those big hats the ladies wear! I think it's a good thing to have at least been once for the experience.