April 4, 2009

The Orange Juice Made her Wanna

At the end of the evening "my" chair had slowly inched farther back until, while watching the 11:00 o'clock news, it was in full reclining position. I was going in and out of the late night sleepy twilight zone. Elf ear was lying very still on the couch. I thought she had fallen asleep.

A loud commercial opened my eyes and a woman, after drinking her orange juice, was flitting around her house cleaning her kitchen, choreographed to an idiot pop music background. My thick voice said "So stupid."

A faint sleepy voice from the couch said,
"The orange juice made her wanna."


  1. how funnyt.. that's kera sedgwick, the actress dancing around the kitchen ending w/ a delightful split! LOL

  2. Too funny. A priceless moment in time.

  3. I watch TV in an elf ear state, as well.