January 28, 2010


My crowbar spine has character. The chiropractor was pointing to the x-rays.

"here at C-7 you have some spurring and disc loss." 'what a pain in the neck'
She drew a circle around the lumbar.
"Have you had a back unjury in the past?"
"Well here at L-7 and 8 there's a lot of misalignment."
'could that somehow explain my misanthropy?'

I went to the chiropractor which wife started seeing recently. I've seen chiro's in the past for my neck pain which I've had off and on over the years and as I was drying my feet after a shower one day, I didn't think I was going to raise back up.

Although I could do without the pain, I liked the way my spine looked on the x-rays. As beautiful as a hand made rugs looks, on it's underbelly it's a mess of ugly knots and loose ends. An old house can be kept clean and be updated, but has it's hidden quirks.

I had the electro-heat massage and the vertebral subluxation thingies done. Next week I have an appointment with the massage therapist. believe it or not, her last name is Hieronymous; I swear.

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  1. ow bad backs are not funny - Hope that Ms H can sort you out