February 3, 2009

Fed up

I'm fed up with this crappy winter weather wreaking havoc. Kentucky winters are usually mild. In January '94 the weather man predicts a dusting of snow. The next morning I walked to make coffee in the kitchen and looking through the window there is a dusting of eighteen inches of snow on the ground. That night the temperature drops to twenty-five below zero. When it's that cold it's painful to be outside, no matter how much you bundle up.

It's getting down to eight degrees tonight and I'm not looking forward to hauling my sorry @$$ out of bed to work. I have a pain at the base of my neck and I finally figured out how I got it. I got it by looking up at our trees that were massacred by the ice storm. It's a depressing mess. I yearn for Derby Day at the first Saturday in May. At this point it might never get here.

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