February 9, 2009

The Grammy Awards

Did anyone watch the Grammy's last night? The sound...how should I put it?....sucked. The audio sounded like a CBS technician was holding a Mister Microphone in the air from a seat on the 100th row. It was so bad, I quit watching. Shame on CBS.

This morning I heard the news that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won a couple Grammy's for their album "Raising Sand". Adele won Best New Artist and also for her song "Chasing Pavements". Bruce Springsteen won a couple and Kings of Leon won for their song "Sex on Fire".

For the Best Alternative Album award, Radiohead won with their "In Rainbows" album. This is Radiohead with their trademark spooky sad sound in "House of Cards". The video is neat-o too.


  1. Do you one better ..I've never watched a Grammy Award ceremony and it's at least 40 years since I last watched the Oscars.

    Self-congratulatory made-up events just don't interest me.

  2. here! here! i was so furious that they couldn't get the sound right on a MUSIC show!!! awgh!

  3. I heartily agree with your word choice. I said to my husband when Jennifer Hudson was singing that I could not believe they didn't bring her voice up louder than the cymbals etc...

    It has not been like that in past years that I recall. WOnder what was up. BB -- Had you heard this Robert Plant project before? It got THREE awards, at least when I was watching, and I didn't watch it all.

    Also, what did you think of Paul McCartney's performance? Well past 64, he did a good job of giving us a little flashback -- dyed his hair, had a good fluffy cut, and even pulled out the cuban heels! Black suit, chrisp white shirt... the arching eye brows as he tiled his head up toward the mic just like the old days. Some may not have liked it (my husband) but what the hell. I did.

  4. I didn't catch the McCartney performance but I'm sure I would've enjoyed it. The Beatles were my first musical icons, as well as everyone else's of our generation. I never will forget my step-daughter asking "Who are the Beatles?"

  5. aww sorry to hear that.. i know how miserable it is! i'm just one of those people who seem to mull things over while i'm sleeping.. or not sleeping, as the case may be.

    and i agree with you.. commercials are so over-rated!!