February 11, 2009


Yesterday the whole right column of my blog has disappeared. If I go into Layout the components are all there, my profile, my post archive...etc. Has anyone experienced this problem? When I go to Layout, they're all there and I can make changes in it. Dang it.


  1. not yet.. LOL for your comfort though, it's all there for us to see now! :)
    have a great day bb! and brace for the weather heading our way... stay safe!


  2. You can see it? I sure can't.

  3. It is gone! I sure hope it's not catching. Never seen this problem, bb. Hope you get it solved soon. Write Blogger.

  4. I can see it BB :) Its all there same as usual. I use a windows pc....sometimes it is a hiccup with the applications software. But who knows???
    Stay warm

  5. Thankfully I have not. But, my entire address book disapeared last week, after I'd painstakingly filled in everything this year, including birthdays. I went to the Apple store to ask if it's still hidden on my HD somewhere and they said it could be corrupt.

    Magically, they downloaded it from my iphone, to which I had transferred all the new info before going to New York mid-Jan. Thank goodness.

    I see it though when I signed on tonight...

  6. OK< I just hit the link to go back and it's gone. but in first signing on, I see it. A little pendulum in the comments here eh bb?