February 13, 2009

Savoy Truffle

I thought this would be a good song to post on a Friday. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend! "Savoy Truffle" was written by George Harrison and appeared on The Beatles' White Album. Harrison wrote the song as a tribute to his friend Eric Clapton's chocolate addiction, and he derived the title and many of the lyrics from a box of Mackintosh Good News chocolates.

Six saxophonists (three baritone and three tenor) were brought in and were reportedly displeased when George Harrison decided to distort them. The Beatles recorded "Savoy Truffle" on October 3, 1968 which makes it forty-one years old!...it doesn't seem possible.

The Beatles "Savoy Truffle"


  1. a little music to soothe the soul, thanks!

  2. I just got all psychadelic, had to drop a couple of tabs!

  3. Great pick BB -- and very fitting for a Thank God it's Friday drive home. I have never heard that so thank you. Maybe it's me, but it all sounded sexual, those candy names. Am I a perv of did you get that?

  4. It didn't sound sexual to me...so you're a perv! ;-)
    Maybe it sounded that way because it was the day before Valentines Day.

  5. I loved this thank you. I had forgotten all about this song. I really need to collect the entire Beatle catalogue.

  6. What an interesting (and to me, completely unknown) story. A chocolate story. Could anything be better?

    Thanks for stopping by my own blog yesterday....