February 12, 2009

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

The strong winds were pushing the van around on the interstate on the way home from work. The trees looked as though an unseen giant hand was shaking their trunks. The forcast for Louisville was fifty mph winds with gusts up to seventy-five.

After dodging the power outage bullet through the ice storm two weeks ago, I thought our luck would finally run out and we'd surely black-out, most likely right before "Lost" came on. Mother Nature was going to make us pay for our past good fortune at last.

I walked out to my truck and the trees on our circle were violently waving in the wind. The sound was like an unseen freight train close by. I was expecting to witness a tree to crack and fall at any moment. "TIMBERRRRR!"

We were watching TV with twenty minute to go before "Lost" and quicker than you could say Reddy Kilowatt, we went black. In the pitch dark I heard my wife mutter an expletive. We sat in the dark for a couple of minutes, hoping the power would come back on. We called Abby, who said she still had power. We dressed by candle light and were on our way out the door to watch our show when the lights came back on at 186,000,000 miles per second. We re-called Abby and cancelled our TV date and re-dressed for downstairs TV. It was one of the best "Lost" episodes I've seen.

40,000 Louisvillians lost their power last night but somehow we managed not to be among the unfortunate. I cannot believe our luck through the past two weeks.


  1. Been there... then bought a back-up generator. Problem solved!

  2. You must have a good fairy watching you. I hope she stays around

  3. hooray for good fortune! glad you and we all made it through the windstorm! wooweee that was some strong gusts!!

  4. I've got goosebumps thinking about how cold it must be there....brrrrr!
    Stay warm you two and more power to you LOL!