July 3, 2009

Iron Like A Man

I did some ironing this morning, mostly shirts I wear to work. The board was set up on the porch so I could watch some TV while ironing. This is a chore which I do occasionally to help out wife and while it's a tedious job, once you get a rhythm going it's mildly pleasurable.

Rob Thomas was lip synching his latest music to a crowd in New York City on the Today Show. I turned to the Jazz music station and let sax wanderings glide my iron through the wrinkles. I was ironing a seersucker shirt while day dreaming to the music, paying half attention to what I was doing.

I must have ironed the shirt twice because I looked down and it seemed the seer was ironed right out of that sucker.


  1. You are too funny The seer was ironed right out of that sucker. Have a Happy 4th.

  2. AnonymousJuly 04, 2009

    LOL.. happy 4th!