July 23, 2009


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. They paint a rosy picture, but once they came to install the satellite TV, you find out what they didn’t tell you while making their pitch.

They tell you about 1080p movies-on-demand but what they leave out is that the movies in the 1080p format are such a huge chunk of data which is too much bandwidth to run from the satellite, to your dish, and then to your TV.

You have to buy a wireless router to hook up to your modem and a wireless receiver to hook up to your DVR so you can download movie from the internet, to be blasted from your wireless router, to the wireless receiver, and then to your DVR. A decent wireless router and wireless receiver will run you about $160….but, hey, if you have a HD TV with 1080p, you can watch Blu ray quality movies without buying a Blu ray player.

Now if we just had an internet connection to download those 1080p movies. AT&T has screwed up and we won’t be online for another three or four days. Of course we’ll have a new email address that will look something like this: im_a_sucker@att.net


  1. Let me tell you, I lived in the mountains a year ago and could only have satellite tv and internet. When I moved last fall to a place where cable was available I tried to discontinue my Dish TV account. In short, it took more than 50 telephone calls before they finally got it right, including their failure to credit payments, ship mailing boxes for their equipment, and in the end they tried to stick me with a bill for the gear which I mailed back using their own labels. I will never go that way again.

  2. All of that shakes me up a bit...especially since I have Dish TV.

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    yikes! soooooo glad i live where i can be spoiled with cable!!

  4. Well, I have aerial on the roof and I get the local stations, that's it. And it's free. For movies there's Netflix or I simply buy dvd's of favorite stuff.

    And if TV programs are wanted - there's Hulu or next day viewing via the 'net on the sites of most of the majors - CBS, etc.

    No cable, no satellite - I'm content.

  5. You are funny. I guess that's why we've stuck with Time Warner, not necessarily the best around, but they don't have a lot of competition. We have the phone, TV and internet with the same carrier. At one time we had three different carriers, one for the phone, one for the TV and then of course the internet. There were some advantages to them all, but also a lot of disadvantages. And if you lock in for a certain length of time, you're stuck like we were.

    Good louck!!

  6. We took Direct TV from the same guy that came to your house. Remembered the McClain name and said he had ice tea with you on your deck. Even had a picture of Tristan on his phone. lol Told us you would get a referral fee off us.