July 21, 2009

Moon Landing

I was reading the Sunday paper and there was a special section about the fortieth anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing. I remember it very well because it happened on my birthday.

Hollywood is cleaning up copies of film footage that was beamed to Earth from the lunar module that day. NASA confessed that the original tapes were erased or taped over accidentally. How on earth could NASA let that happen? You would think they would keep the historic original film in a special vault or at least labeled, "Original Apollo 11 film, DO NOT delete or tape over!

As part of a family vacation we once went to Cape Canaveral and toured the Vehicle Assembly Building where NASA built the Apollo Saturn V rockets. One of the Apollo rockets was being assembled when we took the tour. I remember the tour group went up an elevator and out onto a catwalk. The size of the rocket was jaw dropping huge.

I wish I could have seen a Saturn V rocket launch in person. All who have witnessed it said it was an awesome spectacle to behold. If a Saturn V were launched today, I can almost see the commercial possibilities….”Today’s Saturn V rocket launch brought to you by Viagra!”

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