August 10, 2009

Baby Shower

My hands are sore from the weekend, mowing, digging two, two foot deep holes, mixing concrete and planting the posts, putting up the baby shower tent with Ben’s help, cleaning the deck, and watering the flowers. Most of this for a baby shower wife was hosting.

I kept a glass of ice-water and a towel handy. We’re not used to hazy heat in the 90’s anymore and it didn’t take long to become soaking wet in the sun.

Wife said the baby shower was a big success despite the heat. Wife and the girls made benedictine sandwiches in the shape of baby bottles and pacifiers. I left shortly after Amber brought the cake, and fondant icing affair that looked like a baby gift box wrapped in a ribbon.

Last night we took the tent, tables, chairs, and dishes back to Lamb’s End farm. Bruce showed Tristan a prize winning lamb. He was fascinated. There’s nothing like farm animals to bring out an intense curiosity in children. He asked a million questions.

Oh yeah, the entrance posts look great. I haven’t had time to take a picture of ‘em yet.

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