August 25, 2009

The Village

My last post was in part about the Pitino scandal which generated the comment from fellow blogger Bill Stankus “Just what is going on in the land of Boone?” That left me thinking about the moral depths we have dropped to in America.

Daniel Boone or most any man who lived in that era would be disgusted and shocked at what passes for decency and respect today. We are now the land which values immediate gratification and the quick buck over most everything else.

It brought to mind the movie “The Village”, where a group of people who had violence touch their lives, started a “wildlife preserve” in which they start a village, hidden from the outside world. The first generations of the founders know nothing of the modern outside world from which they are insulated.

If there where such a village I’d be tempted to sign up.


  1. A noble idea,but don't give up hope because there are many good things happening too .....we had a series of 8 blasts last year in our city which was devastating but the citizens took a stand and showed those ultras that human spirit is too strong to break...the kind of unity and courage shown was remarkable.....very thought provoking post,thanks.

  2. WT has family ties to Daniel Boone. I don't think I would opt to live in isolation, though.

  3. Gardens, or at least the ones of myth and fable, are now owned and operated as fast food franchises. Profit takes precedence.

    I find the concept of withstanding eight bomb blasts, not as message of human spirit but of human endurance. Every act of violence encourages the insane and produces more police and fosters unrest.

    Years ago, I met older men who actually lived in times of personal freedom - they drove cars without licenses because none were required. They watched men on horse chase crooks into the deserts. They moved from town to town on whim.

    Heck, when I was a kid we could camp and leave everything out in plain site and go for a walk and return hours later and nothing was stolen. We rarely locked our house at night - society had yet developed a fortress mentality.

    As we overpopulate, The Lord of The Flies, and Clockwork Orange even Dr. Strangelove will become common place.