August 29, 2009

Hyperbolic Headlines

Man Bites Dog.

Candle Use Linked to Cancer Risk.

Cancer Deaths Among Catholics on The Rise.

Congress Bans Votive Candles.

King of Pop Sired Hundreds of Children.

Breeding Barn Discovered at Neverland Ranch.

Profanol Addiction on The Rise.

Brain Tumor Implanted While Ted Kennedy Slept?

Obama’s Birth Records: Born in Beijing?

Was Obama The Manchurian Candidate?

Sex Addicted Pedophile Dies in Fiery Inferno.

Fiery Infernos on The Rise.

Elvis Disinterred For Autopsy.

Elvis Dies Second Time in Fiery Inferno at Memphis Coroner’s Lab.

Congress Bans Fiery Infernos.

JFK’s Eternal Flame Eternally Extinguished.