August 14, 2009

Privacy Fence

I’m off work next week to put up a privacy fence; that’s nine days to do it.

8) 4 x 4 posts to put in the ground two feet deep, using concrete.
24) 2 x 4 x 8 rails to fasten onto the posts.
140) Dog-ear pickets to fasten on the rails.

Think I can do this in nine days? I have my doubts but we’ll see. I’ll post updates, including what the mean old lady has to say about the fence. I know she’ll say something hateful.


  1. Nothing says "vacation" like digging holes in the ground.

  2. Have her help. I always had to be the fetch it person. While Abe dug holes, I would carry the pieces around from the front to the back yard, help hold them up until he got the first nail in. The hardest part was digging the holes and putting them in cement. I didn't have to do that. Then when finished, I also helped put everything away for the day. Plus I then had to go in and do up the kitchen work while he showered and got on his PJ's and watched TV. I guess that's why I was always the last one to go to bed. But I survived it. LOL Our daughters keep telling me I'm a tough old bird. LOL