August 4, 2009

This and That

Some of our hanging baskets around the deck; The weather has been unusually cool with lots of rain. The best all our perenials have ever looked.

This was a bronze angel over a grave at Eastwood Cemetery, close to where Abe Lincoln's grandfather was killed by Shawnee Indians.

My grandson Tristan helping bake cookies

These are the entrance posts I've been working on. The 4 x 4 between the posts will have a weather vane perched up top and planted in one of the gardens; Wife will choose the exact spot while I carry it around;

"Over here?"
And so on and so forth.


  1. So cool!

    It's been cooler here as well, but I've chosen to plant plenty of hibiscus that love the heat. They're holding onto their buds and waiting for warmer weather.

  2. Post are looking good. Don't forget to post a photo when it's finished. Patio plants look great. Yes, all this rain we've been having and cooler days, has sure been making things grow around here.