May 27, 2008

Horse Hockey

Judy and Tony George have lived in a home in Anchorage since the early 70’s. Yesterday we drove to their home to literally shovel the shit. The George’s have owned several horses over the years and Judy, when mucking out the horse barn, saves the manure. Like Charlene, Judy’s an avid gardener, and has gardens that spread out in several directions on their property.

It’s interesting to note that their house occupies the former property of the house called “The Anchorage” which was built by retired riverboat captain, James Goslee, to be his final anchorage, hence the town was named Anchorage, also known to some people as “Snotville”. Whenever I’m in Anchorage I try to keep in mind the tenth commandment. If we should ever win the Power Ball I’d buy a house there in a heartbeat.

The George’s are anything but snooty though, having worked hard all their lives, raising three daughters and a son. Tony George is a semi-retired general surgeon who now works a forty hour week compared to the eighty to 100 hours a week he used to work.

They have added onto their home over the years and walking through the central hallway with rooms branching from either side, it seems to go on forever. The first time Judy gave us a tour, I was half expecting to discover a dark wood-paneled wall that flips around to reveal a secret passageway, huge ancient portraits with moving eyes that seem to watch you, and a grandfather clock sounding its gothic midnight gongs… What the hell… I’ll throw in a raven who screeches “never-more!”

Charlene and I wheeled a large cart up to the manure pile beside the horse barn and we shoveled it full. I struggled to wheel it back to my truck where Judy had put two ramp thingies on my opened tail gate. I pushed the cart up the ramp and the wheels got caught between the tail gate and bed. Judy asked “are you hung?” I couldn’t resist one this easy and Judy probably immediately realized what she had said. I said “I’m huge!” Charlene said “you’re shoveling the shit in more than one way today.”

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  1. did the manure come out of the "fiwwy's twot?"

    ok, that was a bad one, i admit it.

    glad aunt charlene got some good garden dirt.