May 30, 2008


Charlene and I watched the season four finale of “Lost” last night and it was good but, as usual, it left you with a lot of speculations as to the very nature of the island itself. The plot is so intricate that it’s easy to lose track of where the characters are physically in present time, as well as where the characters are in time. If you want to start watching Lost next season, forget about it. I would recommend renting the CD’s of the first four seasons before the fifth season starts in February. The show has something for everyone: mystery, science fiction, romance, and betrayal. I damn near cried last week when the Oceanic Six were getting off the cargo plane and saw their families for the first time since the plane crashed on the island.

As to my theory about Ben Linus “moving” the island last night--the island didn’t physically move but moved in time to the future and therefore disappeared in a flash of light and sound as we saw….poof! Don’t ask me what to think about anything else because this show is wide open to any kind of speculation and anything is possible. The island has such strange properties it can’t be boiled down into anything black and white.

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