May 22, 2008


I have a confession to make, if you haven't already guessed. The little essays that I've put with the last few music posts are actually bio's that I've copied from Wikipedia. For whatever reason I find hard to write about music and musicians so I take the lazy way out. There...I feel cleansed. As a kid I liked randomly flipping through the World Book Encyclopedia. I was a geek that way, and according to Charlene, I'm a geek to this day. Now I randomly click through Wikipedia web pages.

Last Wednesday I spent the day at the hospital for Dad's surgery. Three weeks before that I spent the day at the hospital for my mother-in-law's surgery. As most people know, it's a tough thing to do. You sit around, walk around, stare out the window, drink coffee, and pee. Sometimes you see a crying family and sometimes YOU are the crier. Sometimes you get to see your sissy brother reading "Today's Woman" magazine. I bet his employees would love to get their hands on that pic.

Last summer we bought a flat screen TV for our bedroom. Charlene's upstairs watching The Young And The Restless she tivo-ed as I type. When I was at home recuperating from my foot surgery I watched Y & R most everyday because I was a captive audience. I confess I did get into it. I love watching hi-def tennis. Soon, we're going to buy a fifty incher for downstairs. We're waiting for the price to come down but I hope we get it before Wimbledon starts. Lord, I can be shallow.

I bought my first $3.99 per gallon gasoline and still felt fortunate to be an American. I bought only two and a half gallons. This Sunday, after church in Simpsonville, I'll fill it up for around $3.90 per gallon..whooo-hoooo what a bargain!

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