July 22, 2008


Beck is one of my favorite listens. His music is dense and it seems every time you listen to his music, you hear something you didn't hear before. He can wrap several different styles of music together in a tight little ball and yet still make it have a sound all it's own in a cohesive whole. This is "Earthquake Weather" from his "Guero" CD. In parts of this song you'll hear some funky Sly Stone sounds.


  1. He's a genius, never does anything the same. While his stuff is too eclectic to put on to dance to, say, I still pull out Tropicala when it's time to make margaritas on hot summer nights.

  2. I came back here because I did want to remind myself that you had said BEck was one of your favorite artists. So I imagine you DO like his new CD....just was wondering as to any fave tracks I should listen to or if the whole thing is a must, etc...