July 18, 2008


Friday evening four female members of Middletown Manor Swim Club came to the eastern Jefferson county pool and proceeded to disrobe. The eye opening event shocked many members who were there at the time. Vincent Gortney, a member, said, "gaa ga ga gaaaa." Another member, Randall Miller, said "baa gaa humena. Randall Miller's wife, Anne Miller said "Wipe the drool off your mouth Randy and get your ass to the car, we're leaving."

The motive wasn't entirely known for the provocative move on the part of the women, who all live in Middletown, except Emily Wickerham, who lives across the street from the Louisville Korean Seventh-Day Adventist Church . It was rumored that the women were protesting the sad shape of the food at the swim club's concession stand. One of the nude protesters, Charlene McClain, said "I don't see why they can't offer a pasta salad marinaded in balsamic vinegar."


  1. Cracking up. How much did the "offenders" have to pay you to allow that picture to be posted!!!??

    Love, TJA

  2. People should read this.