July 29, 2008

Our Wedding on 7/30 At 7:30, Hotel Room 730, Flight 730 Which Left At 7:30

The morning of July 30th, 1988 was overcast but it wasn't raining. The air was so heavy with moisture that a mist seemed to hang in the air. I remember that day seemed like a new but unknown day of the week. I went to the bookstore and bought a novel, not that I would be doing much reading for the next couple of weeks while on our honeymoon. Charlene and I were to be married at 7:30 that evening at Middletown Christian Church (which is now Summit Academy). A few weeks ago Charlene and I walked a few miles on the south side of Shelbyville Road and we waxed sad and nostalgic while looking through the glass doors into the old church lobby where we were both members. We walked away with warm but heavy hearts.

Brad and I were looking on, the processional came Abby, Noelle, Janet & John, Amy & Darrell, nine year old Tricia dropping rose petals, and seven year old Justin with the ring atop a small pillow. Everyone stood for the bride, looking radiant in her ivory wedding dress. Charlene wanted the ceremony to include communion. She said if we didn't, Jim Baughman would have us in and out of there in less than ten minutes. During a solo Charlene whispered that she felt she was going to pass out. She was so nervous she wasn't breathing.

Our wedding cake was amaretto and I'm not one for exaggeration but that's the best cake I've ever put in my mouth, before or since. There was quite a crowd for the wedding and reception, all of Abby and Noelle's friends, our friends and family. Afterwards we were driven in Charlene's car (for the life of me I cannot remember who drove us....somebody please comment and tell me if you remember) to the Seelbach Hotel. The room number was 730 and I've since wanted that same room to celebrate a future anniversary but the seventh floor is now the concierge level and you pay through the nose for a room on that level. The room was filled with balloons. Charlene's cousins were the guilty party. I don't know how they did it, but they did it.

The next morning Janet and John came to take us to the airport for our 7:30 flight to Florida. We stayed at a time share in Sebring, Florida provided by Norm and Reta Stivers for a week and then a fews days at Sabal Point. Nearby Sabal Point was Wekiwa Springs State Park which we decided to visit one day. Wekiwa Lake is spring fed and the water is a crystal clear and seventy-two degrees. It's quite a shock when you don't know this before you jump in the water. They offered canoeing so we found a bunch of canoes with no one around so we ass-u-me-d they were there for the taking. Charlene and I were about a quarter mile down stream when a park ranger came paddling to us and escorted us back. We had taken someone else's canoe! Luckily, we weren't arrested.

All the Sabal Point condos looked exactly alike and whenever we came back from our outings we would have to point the garage door opener at the condos while driving down the street and click away until we saw a garage door open. We never could remember the address number of our unit...duh. We ate out, we went to Disney World, we went to Sea World, we had alot of fun, and the time came when we came home to start our new life together. Charlene, Barry, Noelle, and Abby. Through the years add Ben, Hailee, and Tristan. It doesn't seem possible that it's been twenty years.

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