July 7, 2008

Gabby Hayes

George Francis 'Gabby' Hayes was an American actor. He was best known for his numerous appearances in western movies as the colorful sidekick to the leading man. In his early career, Hayes was cast in a variety of roles, including villains, and occasionally played two roles in a single film. He found a niche in the growing genre of western films, many of which were series with recurring characters. Ironically, Hayes would admit he had never been a big fan of westerns.

Hayes, in real life an intelligent, well groomed, and articulate man, was cast as a grizzled codger who uttered phrases like "consarn it", "yer durn tootin", "durn persnickety female", and "young whippersnapper". Here's a little Roy Rogers snippet I found on youtube with Gabby Hayes by crackee.

In this video Gabby Hayes sings with Roy Rogers in a rousing rendition of "We're Not Coming Out Tonight".

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