July 31, 2008


I've been hearing this song on WFPK off and on for about month and I always seemed to miss the musician and the title of it. While I was working on a story to post the song came on! I quickly went to wfpk.org where they display what's currently playing and there it was "Club Thing" by Yoav. None of the youtube videos of this song were available for embedding so I stripped the audio off of it using this nifty free software and made my own movie using Windows Movie Maker. You know this tune has got to be good if I went through all this trouble. I love this song and he does it with only his voice and an acoustic guitar!

From Wikipedia: Yoav Sadan is a singer-songwriter of Israeli-South African descent whose debut album Charmed And Strange was released in early 2008. Yoav's music is purely based on his own vocals and acoustic guitar, which he uses to create electronica-style beats with his hands.

Did I mention I love this song?

1 comment:

  1. Can I say FAB-U-LOUS?

    A little middle eastern vibe to the background, a bit of rap in lyric cadence, a little John Mayerish in the softness and melody in his voice, and nothing like any of those things at all. Completley unique.

    I'm always looking for new music so THANKS for this!