June 11, 2009

The Lawrence Welk Show

As a kid I remember my grandparents loved The Lawrence Welk Show. The Lennon Sisters were a regular act on the show and they sang sugary sweet bland songs with not a hair out of place and dressed just so.

I was watching Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago and they did a parody of the Lawrence Welk show. Please pardon the commercial.


  1. Actually the Lennon Sisters were animatronics created by Disney for Welk. On the other hand, Myron Floren was a real person.

  2. Tank you. Tank you. (for the giggles)

  3. My Dad loved the Lawrence Welk shoe and every Sat evening, if you were at thier home, you watched Lawrence Welk with them. Always takes me back to a simpler time, at least it appears simpler looking back. It probably was not, I was just a kid.