June 17, 2009

No Dead Cat Bounce

I woke up yesterday morning and didn’t feel right. It was one of those headaches that felt unlike a regular headache and my eyes felt funny. When I got to work I sneezed about five times. It’s either my allergies flaring up or a cold. I thought I’d swab my nose with Zicam when I got home. It’s worked for me in the past and it makes a cold a lot milder and quicker to get over.

As soon as I walked in the door yesterday wife asked me if I could smell. I told her if I didn’t take a shower for a few days, I could. She didn’t laugh.

She saw the news about Zicam supposedly causing some users to lose their sense of smell. The FDA has ordered the makers, Matrixx, to take Zicam off the shelves. Matrixx stock price has dropped to fifty percent of its value with not a hint of a dead cat bounce.

There was a class action suit brought by 340 people back in 1999 against Matrixx. The court found in the plaintiff’s favor, awarding 12 million dollars. That makes each plaintiff’s sense of smell worth 34,294 dollars. That sounds like a good chunk of money but after I thought about it, it’s worth a lot more than money to me. Could a trained dog smell for you? What would you call it, a smelling nose dog?

Imagine not being able to smell the rain, the first cut of grass in spring, taste a fine wine, or enjoy good food. A fellow blogger told me that she had lost her sense of smell years ago and one of her big worries was not being able to smell smoke from a fire in her house before becoming larger and dangerous.

My wife said the loss of her sense of smell would be devastating. I agreed with her.


  1. It is devastating. Believe me. Everything pretty much smells the same. Sometime when we are out in the country the smell will be different and I'll ask who ever is with me, if someone is spreading manure or is there a skunk someplace. After a while you almost forget what some things smell like. But you can change a babies diaper without gagging. LOL

  2. I was really disappointed to hear that they kept the product on the market after the problems they already had. What were they thinking?

    Losing your smell is one thing, but often when you lose your smell you lose your taste, too, so it's a two-for-one. I'd hate to lose either!