January 29, 2009

C-c-c-Craaacck Whoomp!

That's the sound we listened to all Tuesday night. It's a sickening, surreal sound. The phone rings at three in the morning. It's Abby calling to tell us her power is knocked out.

Morning came after a sleepless night and I wandered outside. I'm surprized the newspaper is in the box. All the trees are bowing down in supplication to mother nature. There's a terrible beauty to the whole scene. The back of our home looks to be under a game of pick-up-sticks in progress. There's a huge branch resting against the power line to our house. The cable line is completely knocked loose. We have power but no phone, internet, or TV.

My neighbor comes out to talk. The whole time we can hear the c-c-c-crack whoomp! throughout the neighborhood. Our front yard looks like it's covered with a thick coat of fondant icing. A little later it starts snowing so hard it becomes a white out.

Our Governor declared Kentucky federal disaster area because "Lost" is on tonight and there are many, like us, that will be unable to see it. I go out and buy a digital antenna and hook it up to the TV. I'll try and get reimbursed for this cost by the federal government. I don't think it's unreasonable to tack forty dollars onto the 825 billion in economic stimulus appropriations now on it's way to the Senate.


  1. Good to see you have power down there today, bb!

  2. Funny.

    Amazing to picture being in the midst of the dark, the lack of power and the crashing sounds.

    And then... the terrible beauty.

    I guess your power has been restored so you could post this?

  3. i feel your pain. it's a winter wonderland here too.. and the snap*crackle*pop is enough to unnerve even the most brave of kitties! hang in there!

  4. Honestly BB this is crazy stuff...here you are in frozen wonderland with it's set of inherent dangers, struggling to stay warm and here I am down under, in a heatwave, biggest in 100 years, struggling to keep cool, and keep the animals and kids hydrated and safe, hoping the predicted lightening storms don't arrive and start bushfires. Today is forecast 111F which means it will probably reach up to 122F without a second thought :)
    This is seriously weird...polar opposites of the nth degree.
    We need more balance on this planet.
    Keep warm, look up when you are outside...make sure nothing can crack down onto your head :)

  5. Dramatic weather is great as long as you're warm and safe. Amazing the power is still on.