January 27, 2009

Lose Power? Crap!

Freezing rain is predicted to glaze Louisville with a quarter inch of ice tonight. Please don't let us lose our power..pretty please...with sugar on top.

Kids pay attention whether you think they are or not, so watch what you say. Three year old Tristan wanted to go home with his Aunt Noelle and Uncle Ben tonight "to watch crap on TV".


  1. Terrible. I was once on a biz trip in your area when there was a weather shift and an ice layer was on everything. Sheesh, what a mess.

    Good luck, I hope the weather reporters got it wrong (again).

  2. i'm sitting at the computer with my fingers crossed! I was lucky enough to only have my electric go ont he blink for one day in Sept. In 2003 (man, the memory is a wonderful thing) during the major ice storm that year, my neighborhood in Versailles was the only area not in a black out. Good luck!

  3. no power no good - hope you're ok.
    I love the way kids filter the stuff they pick up from us.

  4. Our power's on up here, but we have a thick layer of snow, coated with a quarter inch of ice and now more thick snow on top! It's now a foot deep on the deck. Hope you're warm and electrical this morning!

  5. we have 2 in of snow.. with 2 in. of ice on top of that... and now about 4 in of snow, and still comin' down on top of that!!!

  6. Oh that's too funny.

    How'd you make out with the ice storm? Maybe you'll have some pictures for us?