January 3, 2009

Old Photos

After Christmas my brother and I took Mom & Dad out for a birthday dinner since both of their birthdays are in January. Before leaving for the restaurant we looked through some old photo albums which I hadn't seen in quite awhile. Mom let me take a couple of albums home to scan a few pics out of them. PhotoShop did a good job sharpening these B & W photos.

The farmhouse
where Mom was

My grandmother
holding Mom.
c. 1932

You could
have a picnic
on that dress!

Dad visiting
Mom at the farm.

The happy
What a tie!

Childhood friend
Mia McGuire.
She looks the same
now as she did then
(minus the gum.)
July 1970.


  1. I am nutty for vintage family photos. My grandfather died last year and I inherited 30 albums of wonderful old photographs. I had the most fun scanning and correcting them. It's an on going project. Yours are lovely.

    Your new header and profile pic are toooo cool!

  2. Love Mia's outfit. She was probably the envy of all the girls back then. We enjoyed the pics of Grandmom and Granddad too. The kids were really surprised at the cars in the background.

  3. Like Willow I am sooo into old photos, can't get enough of them, in fact I love all things old especially old books. The photos are great BB thanks for sharing them.
    P/S the photo of the friend from 1970....that is my year :) ... the year I was born :) :) :)

  4. barry, where was that picture taken of Mia. Novellas old car? Who owned it at that time? Answer me boa!

  5. These are fantastic. I love old photos!

    Hope all is well with you and happy new year...

    :^) Anna

  6. OMG Where did you get that photo? Barry with age, so goes your eyesight. The only thing about that photo which is current is....I still have that top. Was that taken at your grandparents? Oh I miss ya'll. Fill me in on how everyone is doing. Take care, hope to talk to ya soon. Mia