January 17, 2009

Ghost Face

Every once in awhile my wife comes out of the bathroom with her white facial mask on. It has become a tradition to try and make her laugh because,while the mask is on, you're not supposed to screw your face into a grin, smile, smirk, laugh, or any other kind of expression. She looks as though she's attending a funeral.

Tonight she looked particularly Marcel Marceau-ish.

"Hey hon, can you moon walk against the wind?"
She says "STOP!" through her clenched teeth.
"Hey, how about leaning against an invisible wall?"
"Pick petals off a flower."

I keep it up until her death masque starts to crack and a smile squeaks through. "Barryyy!"

Later, she washes the facial mask off and becomes the woman who people will ask if Noelle and Abby are her sister's.

I recently went back to wearing contacts lenses and without my glasses, I look like there's a bunch of tent caterpillars camped under my eyes. Maybe I should try the mask treatment.


  1. You sound like fun.... Making someone you live with laugh has got to be a key to longevity (in life and the life of a relationship).

  2. It's all about having a sense of humor.

  3. Your descriptions are so hilarious, and choice of words so unexpected! :)

  4. LMAO! oh so you're another one, like my wonderful hubby.. who can't resist 'pickin' at your lovely wife!
    too funny!