January 21, 2009

The Grilled Stilton-Cheddar Sandwich

We got home from the gym about eight o'clock and had the usual debate on what to eat. We decided on grilled cheese sandwiches. We were out of bread so we used the Pugliese bread from the local Blue Dog Bakery. Their Pugliese bread is damn fine. It's a little larger than a french baguette with a crusty outside and a light and airy interior that's positively toothsome.

As Elf ear cut the bread into grilled-cheese-sized rectangles, I remembered the stilton-wrapped-in-sharp-cheddar cheese I got recently at Fresh Market.

"You want this stilton-cheddar on your grilled cheese?"
"SICK! you can have it, I want cheddar and pepper-jack on mine."
She's not a big fan of any kind of blue cheese....she's weird that way.

Elf ear buttered the crusty outside of the Pugliese rectangles and I put my stilton/cheddar cheeses on mine and the cheddar/pepperjack cheeses on hers. It took a little longer for the heat to work it's way through the crust and melt the cheese but it was worth the wait.

The outside crust was perfectly toasted and the cheddar& stilton had melted into all the pores inside the Pugliese bread. It was the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had.


  1. Once upon a time I liked cheese... now, if I eat it, I want to die. You may not know this, being a cheese eater and all, but there's a Dairy Mafia out there. They've made certain that milk or milk by-products are in just about every item in the grocery store (excluding beer, wine, veges and fruit). Even recipe books are soaked in dairy products.

    It's a tough life fighting the Dairy Mafia.

  2. >>smackin' lips<< sounds yummy to me! :D

  3. Toothsome...LOL!
    Elf ear...still my favourite!
    stinky poo cheese....sorry BB I am with your wife on this one :)
    But I am glad that you loved it so much :)

  4. You made this sound so good that I would try it. Elf ear ... very nice name! :)

  5. MMMmmmmm ... giving me the munchies already. My current favourite cheese on toast variation is to spread sesame paste (tahini) on the buttered toast then put the cheese on. I don't think it'd work with blue cheese but with cheddar - fandabbydooby

  6. Oh, MAN. That sounds AWESOME.

    My tummy's rumbling...

    :^) Anna

  7. Yum -- and extra good on a cold day!