January 18, 2009

Name That Profile Pic

The first of my immediate family or any others to name the photo on the right, under my profile, wins a prize. There's a bonus prize for identifying where I was standing when I took the banner photo above.

In accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that Barry McClain may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize which is the full sized photo emailed to the first person to post a comment, identifying the photo. The bonus prize hint word is "JETS".


  1. It looks like a lovely little church. Did I win? ;^)

  2. You were standing in my parents bedroom when you took the banner pic (I didn't know that you knew them) and I've got no idea about the profile pic - did I win?

  3. #1.Berea Christian Church

    Bonus - Standing behind the barns on Grandpa's farm.


  4. have no clue at all.. but this is a fun post! ;)

  5. Oh, dang it. I'm useless for identifying your photos...but I sure do like them!

    :^) Anna