January 21, 2009

We Have a Winner

My brother, Brad McClain, was the winner in naming the profile photo. I didn't think anyone would figure out where the banner photo was taken but Brad got that right too. Good eye Brad. The profile photo is Berea Christian Church where my grandparents went to church, (well...at least my grandmother did.)

The banner photo was taken exactly where Brad said it was, behind our grandparents barns facing toward the tree lined hollow. Toward the left, beyond the hollow is one of the highest points in Henry county, KY. When we were kids, jets flew very close to the ground over this hill on training maneuvers. On the rare occasion when we were on the hill as the jets flew over, you could see the silhouettes of the pilot's in their cockpits. I think the jets were out of some Air Force base in Tennessee.

I recall hearing the occasional sonic boom and my grandfather on the phone trying to contact the Air Force people to cease super-sonic flight over the farms in the area. I guess the booms panicked the sub-sonic chickens.


  1. I like the new header photo - the scene of the undulating tree line and hills is quite nice.

  2. i was going to guess it was near the air guard base..lol nice pic either way! :D

  3. Subsonic chickens!! LOL :0)