January 5, 2009

The Dream

Bill Stankus is a fellow blogger I follow. He requested comments from readers asking what his next post should be about, as he was kind off stuck on what to write. I told him to write about the last dream he had. I thought 'hey, that's not a bad idea for this post'.

I was on my Grandparent's farm and looking at the threatening black skies. There was bad weather heading our way. I could hear the warnings on weather radios which many strangers around me were carrying. From a distance I could see many tornadoes appear several hundred feet in the air heading straight for me. The crowd of people had gone down in their underground shelters and I was left alone to fend for myself. I ran for my Grandparent's empty farm house. I was Dorothy Gale in drag.

The inside of the house was nothing like I remembered. It appeared that I was inside a castle with a very high tower looming above me. I heard the dark clouds pounding against the wooden door above me and then saw the black clouds coming in the tower, making a creaking noise as they passed through. I woke up very frightened. I heard the creaking sound again and realized it was Charlene grinding her teeth.

I stayed awake until I heard the clock strike two and awaited the ghost of economic future to hover into our bedroom to show me some real horrors.


  1. Wake up, BB, you're not in Kansas anymore!

    I have recurring dreams of tornados. All kinds. Tall skinny, intertwined twin tornados and huge F-5's.

  2. OOh that's got all the qualities of a meme, I now have the urge to write down mine, which are usually about floods.

  3. LOL! You do have a way with intertwining humour into your stories BB! Loved it!
    I had my first "bad" dream in over 25 years a couple of weeks ago...otherwise all of my dreams are very pleasant...and I am ALWAYS aware that I am in a dream!!
    Have a lovely day "drag" Dorothy aka BB :) :) :)

  4. 'm working on it! Will be posting soon. Trouble is, my dreams tend to be existential jig saw puzzles and lasting for hours.

  5. I reoccuring dreams about elevators! Scary things!

  6. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  7. wow, good thing you woke up and it's just back to blogging with us!

    I try NOT to dream. Had trouble sleeping all my life and so once I am asleep, I want it to all go black til morning if possible.

  8. I have a little something for you over at my place...oh hang on that sounds suggestive..."nothing to worry about Mrs McCain...it's an award, thats all"!! :)