January 14, 2009


Aimé Ann Duffy, who calls herself Duffy is a new singer/songwriter who is from Wales. They've been playing her alot lately on WFPK. She has a soulful retro sound and is becoming very popular lately. This is "Stepping Stone" from her 2007 Rockferry album. I liked this song the first time I laid ears on it.


  1. I really like to hear her on the radio but the album's a bit samey - a one-trick pony perhaps? A sweet trick though

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE her sound!! have her music on my myspace right now.. LOL thanks for dropping by my little blog.. welcome!

  3. I heard Mercy and went home and logged on their (the radio station, can't remember their call letters...lol) and went to their play list to find her. Immediately downloaded several of the songs from Rockferry. I really like her.