January 10, 2009

Sun Damage in The Land of Cement Skies

Driving to my appointment the skies looked made of cement that Kentucky skies make a lot of this time of year; it's about forty degrees. Wait around and it'll change, as the saying goes. We set a record of seventy-two a couple of weeks ago.

I pull into the little row of identical little offices and I see a sign which says doctor so and so and below that is “Naturalcologist”. I supposed it was a holistic place with a guy treating you who looks like Mr Natural, complete with long white beard and tunic, to smear some gunk on my hand that would clear things up more than the last dermatologist I saw.

I'm hoping for the doctor to be older than me but seemed about the same age. "Is it just your right hand?"
"Yeah, my left hand is fine."
"Huh, that's uncommon."

He lifts both my hands, inspects them carefully, and scrapes some skin off my right hand to look at under a microsope. He informs me that it's a fungus. There's a FUNGUS growing on my right hand. That's just great news.

"That falls under the main heading of dermatitis doesn't it?"
"Yes it does."
Let's not call it a fungus, I have One Handed Uncommon Dermatitis, or OHUD.

He gave me pills to take and told me to come back in a month. After the OHUD clears up he wants to remove some spots on me that were caused by the sun. It's called Actinic Keratosis and I have a fews spots of it on my hands and my head. It's pre-cancerous sun damage.

That's the other reason I went to him. My big sis didn't fare so well because she kept putting off things like having a dermatologist check that spot. Get your body to a dermatologist and have it checked out...it could save your life.


  1. Wow. I just found your blog through my big sis Sweet Mango. She was right--I was laughing loudly--until you hit me at the end. Hit me big time (and I hope it was with your left hand, no offense!). I had an appointment with the dermatologist this week too--seems I have some questionable spots in need of biopsies. I love doctors--as long as I'm not sitting in front of them in their office. So this whole thing is a bit scarey to me. But--you're post makes me realize the significance of having them poke, prod, peel, and peek around!!! And certainly keep a sense of humor about the whole thing!!!

    Peace & Love.

    PS--One of my dearest friends lives in Louisville--I used to live in Cleveland, Ohio and would visit him often---my favorite place for brunch was Lynn's Paradise Cafe!! Yummy!

  2. I like the title of this posting.
    You are lucky to have a sun. I'm guessing we have one too but it has been some time since I've seen it. I hear you can tell if the sun is shining because of something called shadows.

  3. Oh, it's so good that you get things checked. Good for you! I've had lots of those pre-cancerous things removed and they're no sweat.

    Hope you're having a great 2009 so far. You know, aside from the hand fungus. ;^)

    ~ Anna

  4. ain't that the TRUTH my friend!! weather up here is definitely taken some getting used too! don't blink, it'll change! LOL enjoying beautiful snowfall right now.. and can't wait to take a walk..hoping to catch some good shots w/ the camera!!